Nitrogensports: bet on StarLadder i-League and earn a FREE BET

Nitrogensports starladder free bet

If you don’t know how this works, here’s what you have to do: build a 4-leg parlay with a minimum of 2-legs on StarLadder i-League, and earn a matching FREE BET up to 0.01 BTC! For Oct. 15th, you only need to submit a 4-leg esports parlay with 1-leg on StarLadder i-League.

Promotion Dates: October 12 – October 15.


Free Bet Payouts

0.005 BTC for 0.005 risk parlays.
0.01 BTC for 0.01 risk parlays.

Additional rules:

– Payouts: 0.005 BTC risk = 0.005 BTC free bet. 0.01 BTC risk = 0.01 BTC free bet.
– Minimum payout of 0.005 BTC.
– Maximum payout of 0.01 BTC.
– 1 entry / per promo (4 days, 1 entry max).
– Free bets to be rounded down to the nearest qualified amount (eg. 0.009 BTC risk earns 0.005 BTC free bet).
– Entry deadline: Sunday Oct. 15 @ 23:59 EST.
– This cannot be used in conjunction with any other Nitrogen Sports promotion.
– Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from future offers.
– All free bets will be handed out within 48 hours of entry.

Bet on DOTA 2 SL i-League Season 3: Horde vs Natus Vincere, Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron, Cloud9 vs Team Secret

eSport competition is hot today because of the DOTA 2 Starseries season 3 qualifiers, you can watch these amazing matches live on

Matches to bet on today:

Natus vincere vs Horde  – 31 Jan, 16:00 CET (2 hours away)

Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron – 31 Jan, 18:00 CET (4 hours away)

Cloud9 vs Team Secret – 31 Jan, 20:28 CET (6 hours away)

Best Match odds

If you wish to bet on these Dota 2 matches, we present you the best match odds:

NitrogenSportsNitrogensports eSports

Horde vs Natus vincere

Horde wins 1.765 | Natus Vincere wins 2.008

Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron

Natus Vincere wins 1.531 | Vega Squadron wins 2.431

Cloud9 vs Team Secret

Cloud9 wins 1.425 | Team Secret wins 2.756

VitalbetVitalbet eSports

Horde vs Natus vincere

Horde wins 8.91 | Natus Vincere wins 1.87

Natus Vincere vs Vega Squadron

Natus Vincere wins 4.00 | Vega Squadron wins 3.00

Cloud9 vs Team Secret

Cloud9 wins 4.50 | Team Secret wins 2.50

As you can see, there are very good odds for the winners at Nitrogensports, and better odds for expected losers on Vitalbet. Choose your platform and start betting now! that horde wins on vitalbet looks great tho.